The Process

Tested and proven process that makes the best out of your time and provides solutions that work and look beautiful. What we’ve learnt the hard way, so you don’t have to.

1. Introduction

If you want to be my lover...

As a first step, we want to get to know you, so we properly understand your vision, product, brand and ideas. Intro meeting provides us both the opportunity to find out if we match and want to work together, if you like macaroni, and how is your grandma doing.

So nobody ends up hurt.

2. Kickoff

Tell me what you want,
what you really really want.

We’ll provide you with a tailored and simple questionnaire to better specify your business needs. It will help us build the right brief together, find out what you want, and most importantly what you really need.

Then we develop a kickoff presentation, consisting of analysis of current state, comptetitors, concepts for visual style, communication and everything in between.

This round takes about 2-4 weeks based on complexity, and is paid separately (You already have something very valuable even if you bail on us).

3. Design

You want a Lamborghini?
Sip Martinis?
Look hot in a bikini?

After what we’ve learnt and you loved in the kickoff, we’ll dive deeper into one of the concepts and start developing your visual identity.

We also specify all the materials you need and put together customized plan, time and price estimate for your complete project with all honesty and transparency.

If we don’t know all of your most embarassing childhood stories, or you don’t have a video of us re-enacting the Lord of the Rings scenes in public park at 3AM (naked), we’ll charge you 50% of agreed price in advance.

4. Handoff

Got 99 problems,
but design ain’t one.

When we all agree that all feedback has been incorporated, all works like it should and everybody is happy, we hand over the final files to you.

We provide you with all your materials in a package that is easy to navigate and work with, and manage the launch of your project. If needed, we can teach you how to work with the files or tools, if you plan on editing it in the future.

If we all consider the project is finished based on the previous agreement, we’ll send invoice for the remaining 50% of the price.

Now it’s the time to enjoy all the hard work and have a celebration on the rooftop of our studio with the best view you can get in Prague.

5. To be continued

I made a promise, Mr. Frodo.
A promise.

We’re in for long relationships rather than one time events, so let’s plan on how we can help grow your business and keep our cooperation going in the future. We like to support our clients on their paths to success.

We thank you in advance for the great journey we have a chance to share.